We love all kinds of travel here at Adventure and Sunshine, but there is one style of travel we especially love, and that is family adventure travel.

Experiencing different cultures, getting outdoors and trying new things challenges us and our kids in unique ways and opens our eyes to how amazing this planet is!

We encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone every now and again and try something new.

So if you are ready for a little adventure, here are some ideas for how you can get started!

Road Trips

We are big fans of family road trips – out on the open road, free to choose your destinations and stop when you please, there is no better way to travel.

Whether you road trip by car, tent, camper or 4WD, you are guaranteed to find adventure along the way. Our best tips for surviving road trips with kids can be found here.

Some classic road trips include:

FAMILY ROAD TRIPS - Outback Australia
Home is wherever you are - campervan

Hiking with kids

Once you can get past the whining, complaints and refusals to walk, hiking with kids is one of the best family adventure experiences. Truly!

I used to worry endlessly about insisting on getting outdoors and going hiking with our kids. Now I know to just ignore the complaints.

Once we get going, 95% of the time, they stop complaining and start engaging with their surroundings.

They notice the small creatures and plants, sing songs, tell me all kinds of fabulous stories and generally have a great time.

If you would like to get outdoors more as a family, here is some inspiration to help:

Northern Territory travel tips - Set off hiking at Sunrise to avoid the heat
Hiking with kids - Joshua Tree National Park, USA

More Family Adventures

Now that our kids are getting older, more of our vacations are adventure holidays. The kids are more physically capable, can adapt more easily and we are less afraid they will get lost/injured/exhausted by the experience.

If you are looking for a different kind of trip, here are some ideas for you:

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