The plan – less than 4 weeks to go!

It is hard to believe that in less than four weeks we will be leaving our home and hopping on a plane to start a 12 month adventure around the world! What is the plan?

Well, we have the start of a plan.

We really only settled on the trip a couple of months ago, so our focus has been on decoupling ourselves from life here in Australia.

The start of a plan

Our adventure starts in mid-January 2017 when we head to Japan. We booked this holiday earlier this year before we decided to extend our time away!

We will be snowboarding with friends for a week in Myoko before spending another week in Japan. Japan is a favourite destination of mine, having visited twice before.

The snow, the food, the culture, the busyness and lights of Tokyo – there is so much to see and do.  I am really excited to visit Myoko for the first time. We have snowboarded at Niseko and Hakuba (pre-kids), so it will be great to experience a new ski destination with the kids!

From Japan we head to Thailand for a short beach stop before we fly to India. And that is it – the extent of our plan to date! There are many things we want to fit in but we don’t have a set itinerary. We would love to see the big 5 in Africa, watch the Tour de France, camp and hike in Yosemite National Park, see the northern lights…

The challenge is to find the balance between moving often/seeing more and slowing the pace to experience places for a little longer. We will assess this balance as we go – obviously our decisions will be heavily influenced by how well Amelie and Harvey adapt to the travel life.

Our plan will no doubt evolve so your suggestions are always welcome! We hope to experience some wonderful and unexpected things along the way and share them with you through this blog. Now, back to that packing list..

our plan - world map

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Rachel Rodda

Rachel is the founder of Adventure and Sunshine. She has been exploring the world with a backpack for over 20 years and is passionate about adventure travel. She threw it all in to take her kids around the world on a Family Gap Year and loves to help others adventure more.

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  1. Hi Matthew and Rachel,

    I have come across your blog from LinkedIn. It is amazing what you are doing for the family and inject the travel bugs to your kids. Stay safe, enjoy and please update your journey of 12 months wanderlust!



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